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Britney Gin Spears (English Britney Jean Spears; a sort. On December, 2nd 1981) — the American pop singer, owner Gremmi and Jusus Award, the dancer, the author of songs, the actress.
Its debut album «… Baby One More Time» has made its world-wide popular, and the single with the same name has headed chart Billboard Hot 100. Britney's first album contained five powerful hits.
Spears has received the first figurine of the Grammy. The collection of hits «Greatest Hits: My Prerogative» has been let out in the autumn of 2004, it was followed by the collection of remixes «B in the Mix: The Remixes».
Britney Spears was born in the city of Makkomb, the State of Mississippi, Louisiana grew in Kentvuda. Mother Spears — Lynn Ajren Bridges, the former teacher at elementary school, the father — James Parnell Spears, in the builder and the cook. The brother Spears Brian works as the manager in interests of a family, sister Jamie Linn — the actress and the singer. The grandmother on the parent line, Lillian Vulmor, was born in Tottenham, London, and got acquainted with grandfather Spears Barnett O'Fild Bridges in England in the Second World War. The grandmother and the grandfather Spears on the fatherly line — June Ostin Spears and Emma Dzhin Forbes. Brian Spears is married to manager Jamie Linn — to Grasell Rivera, their wedding took place at the very beginning of 2009.

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